Friday, August 28, 2009

The first week of school is OVAH!

Joanna and I are night-owls. She was a dream baby. Slept all night and woke up around 10-11am. Perfect.

Except when school started. I know you can get into a sleeping habit but, its so hard!! For reals! Pre-k and kindergarten were a major struggle. We've started Joanna on a better sleep pattern but, I still am up at 4am. UGHHH

Point is, we got through week one and got to school on time without walking like zombies. Yay!

This is a BIG achievement! Only twenty thousand more weeks to go...........

Joanna and her 1st grade teacher....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My very first giveaway - Yoplait Whips!

Thanks to My Blog Spark , I was given a chance to try out Yoplait Whips! and give my review.

While I was staying in Mexico, the biggest snack ever was yogurt. At the grocery stores, there was always samples, at every corner, of every flavor. I had no idea how popular yogurt is/was.

I really never liked yogurt because of its tanginess but, I wanted a difference with my baby in her way of trying new things. She loved yogurt as a toddler, especially strawberry. Now, she always takes a cup to school with her lunch.

Well, when I went to the store yesterday, I noticed they have Chocolate Mousse. I had to give yogurt another shot. Oh wow, how yummy! So creamy and light. I finished it too fast and wanted more. Thank goodness they sent TWO coupons and I was able to get another. :) And its healthy! Something new for my diet, or lackof! :P

You can also print out a coupon for .60 off of three here:
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Additionally, right now, new members who sign-up to become subscribers of Betty Crocker's newsletter, will receive a free coupon for Yoplait Whips! **Click here to join.
**This free coupon is not valid in some states, including California, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota and Tennessee.

Not only did My Blog Spark send me the 2 coupons, they also sent a really nice cooler, 12 color changing spoons and a popsicle mold for a great frozen yogurt treat. I get to give two prize packs away to two readers of my blog!

Here is what you can win:

All you have to do is post a comment about your favorite flavor of Yoplait Whips!? Or, if you've never tried Yoplait Whips!, what flavor do you intend to be your first? Do you like it frozen or slightly chilled?

If your blog is private or you don't have a blog, you must give your email address in the comment. It is the way the winner will be contacted.

I will pick a two winners using on September 2, 2009, 9:00pm CT. You have 48 hours to respond or I will have to choose another winner. The prize will be shipped by My Blog Spark.

I will not sell any emails or information given to me whatsoever.

This giveaway is only open to residents of the US, age 18 and over.

If you want extra entries, you can do any of the following and comment in a separate post what you did.

Follow me on Twitter -
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Good luck!

EDITED TO ADD: You can only win once. If your post number comes up twice on the randomizer due to additional posts for extra chances, another number will be chosen.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


OMG. Yesterday, since it was her first day, hubby went in late so we could accompany Joanna to school. I took hubby to work after that and kept the car.

Today, Joanna and I walked. Its only 6-7 mins away. BUT, anyone that knows me, knows how much I hate the heat. It was muggy! Sticky! CRAPPY! I don't care if its good for me. My legs were stinging. I arrived back home and got down to my bare essentials and laid out under the ceiling fan. Out!

And then on the way to pick her up, the wonderful aroma of sun-kissed dog poo was in the air.


Monday, August 24, 2009

First grade..

As I was saying goodnight to Joanna, I started tearing up a bit. I can't believe my baby is going into first grade. As usual, time is flying by. I wish I could go back to when she was a baby.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Family drama

I'm tired. Bone tired. What I really want is to grab these kids and give them a good shake until they open their eyes.

But, who am I to talk?

Here is a bright spot that we had a couple of weeks ago:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


July is 8 years since I had my hysterectomy due to uterine cancer. I never dwelled on it so I suppose that is why some people don't even realize or remember it was cancer. That's ok. I don't really consider myself a "cancer survivor." It was so quick, one day I'm told its cancer and the next, its gone.

I do know that my Grandmother died of ovarian cancer. I was 4 and the only memory of her passing was me sitting in a kitchen eating a plate of corn.

One of the worst memories was a nurse telling me that if I had to have cancer, uterine was the best one to have. Uhhhhh.....WTF? You've just told me I have cancer and I'm supposed to be happy that its the best one to have? Ok.

But my family was there for me. Gabino slept everynight in my room across 3 different styled chairs. The nurses were the BEST (Parkland). I even remember one "tucking" me in so gently. I wasn't allowed to leave until a certain body function happened. I remember my mom helping me with that. I apologized and she called me silly. She gave birth to me after all, and had seen my butt a million times. :)

I had about 30+ staples going down my stomach. Thankfully, the pain was never bad. 2 weeks later we were on our way to Shreveport (casinos) and I was in the back of a bumpy-ass van. :P

But, that is my experience with cancer and since I never suffered chemo or anything, I can see why some people forgot. Its all good. :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Galveston swingin'

We are in Galveston for the weekend. After our first day, we are burnt. :)

We rode the ferry. It was Tracy's first time.

Butch fed the gulls Chips Ahoy. It was cool how they'd catch it mid-air.
Waiting for his piece.
My friend's real personality. LOL