Friday, October 23, 2009


Joanna lost a tooth while at lunch in school today and another while eating a hot dog at her school fun night. She actually pulled the second because it was already bleeding, ready to go. The school nurse put the first one in a cute little plastic tooth.

Now just waiting on the Tooth Fairy....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our visit to the State Fair of Texas

I thought we weren't going to be able to go but, we scrounged around and made it! I didn't eat a corny dog but thought of her everytime we passed a booth. :)

Joanna was so patient and waited til the very end to get on the rides and play games. My brother and his family joined us and we wanted to see the buildings before they closed. The fair is so big, we didn't get to see everything. Joanna got to pet the goats. We were startled by this donkey who had a llama by the throat. He let go and went on his way. No idea what that was about!

The Texas Lotto show was about to start so, we sat and waited. Brother and his wife really liked it so we hung around til the 8pm show. The first contestant's number was 48 and I was in chair 49. Sigh. :P SIL got picked to pick a number and won 10 scratch-offs.

Finally we headed to the midway. Joanna was told she could get on 2 rides and play 2 games. Imagine her delight when she got to get on 4 rides!! She's such a good girl. She won two little stuffed animals too. Finally we headed home. Slept all the way there. :P See you next year, TSF!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I wish I could stop counting the days...

When we decided to take Momma off the machines. I didn't feel anything. When we gathered around her, it was unreal. I didn't feel anything. Until I heard my sister scream and then, I just lost it. It was real. I totally expected my mom's heart to beat on its own. I totally expected her to breathe on her own and be ok. My mom had been so strong all this time. It was the worst wake up call ever. My mom was gone.

Its been 8 months today. I think about her everyday. And I'm counting them down til the 8th of every month. I don't cry as much, maybe only once a day.

I asked Sabrina if the kids talk about her? She sounded surprised I asked. She said yes, especially Michael. She said that they talk about how Nana told them stories of when she was in school and such. It made my heart jump with happiness. I know Michael was really close to her even through our trials and tribulations with him. He's got her big heart.

My thing is what I could have done? You are not suppose to live with regret but, I do. Big ones. Big big ones. My biggest one is not telling her just how much she is loved by all of us. Yeah, you could say she knew but saying it to her....I'm sorry Momma. I love you so much.