Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tickles didn't make it.

He was fine in the morning. We've been gone all day. I just looked in on him and found him curled up in the corner under his wheel. Gone.

I guess he had a hidden injury or something. Poor little guy. We did have him for about 6 months or so. Bye bye Tickles..........

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tickles was NOT tickled!

To be carried around in the cat's mouth.

Joanna went to the restroom and yelled out that the cat was after Tickles, her Chinese Dwarf hamster. Kitty Kitty has eyed that thing since the get-go. Well, it happened. Kitty kitty was able to get him out of the cage. Hubby ran after him but he crawled under my desk. I looked and saw Tickles hanging from the mouth and no movement. Kitty kitty growled at me and I told hubby to open the door and let him do his dirty deed outside.

Joanna was teary and I told her Tickles was gone. Then something made me look outside and I saw kitty kitty running and hopping around. That $%^%&#% is playing with Tickles! So, I walk out there in my bare feet (anyone with diabetic nerve pain will know how joyous it was to walk the cement, not!!) and see Tickles on the ground, not moving. The cat eyeballs me and snatches him back up and runs off. Here, kitty kitty, my dumbass calls to him. The cat is GALLOPING away....all around to the other side of the units. Ughh, my feet!!!

So, hubby and Joanna are watching me from the door and he says that the cat ran towards the stairs on the side. I go inside to get shoes and they come with me. We see the cat with Tickles in the mouth again and sneak up on him. As soon as I saw him drop Tickles, I told hubby to run up and scare him, which he did. Then in the moonlight we barely see Tickles kinda prancing around and we couldn't grab him. Hubby took off his shirt and was able to lay it on the ground and scoop up Tickles.

As soon as we put him back in his cage, he gets in his wheel and squeaks around. His hair was mussed up with cat saliva but, there was no blood to be found on him or hubby's shirt. Yay!!!

I just got up out of habit and checked on him. He needs a brush but, Tickles' got it on!


Friday, November 21, 2008

What I can look forward to......

While hubby is on his 2 week vacation. Pray for me. :P

Remember Fire Drills?

Well, now they've included Lock Down Drills. Joanna came home quiet the other day. I asked what was wrong but, she said she didn't want to tell me. Finally she tells me that 2 bad people came to the school and they had to hide. She said Ms. Luke made them go into the gym. She said she didn't want it to happen again.

So, the next day I ask Ms. Luke about it. She asked if Joanna was scared? I said yes. She said they had the drill all of a sudden while they were in the playground and she apologized. Not her fault and I guess its a good thing to do. Not really sure. I hate that its come to this in our schools.

Just mumbling.......confused and scared.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tired but, not tired.

Wow, was there a good stocking up sale at Kroger these past two weeks. Tomorrow's sale will be eh. So, I will get to rest and find a place for all of this. I might even bake a cake.

Weird, how I missed doing something mundane as to make papas con huevos and not be worried about having my head fall in the skillet from lack of sleep. :P

I still have Mamma Mia! on my mind. Too much fun. Joanna spent a bit on the pc yesterday looking at shorts from the movie. She was imitating Meryl's moves. Fun!

I did an ABBA channel on Energizing! I made papas con huevos energizing! :)

Last night while I tried to show my SILs how to use coupons and get a 4lb bag of sugar for .45, Joanna's second tooth fell out. She was so embarrassed. ( I need help on how to help her not to worry about others.) Tooth fairy gave her $1 and change. The tooth fairy's hubby wanted more but, I told him it was going to come out of his Send-money-to-mother-in-Mexico fund. He shut up.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hot damn Mamma Mia!

Full on freaking fun! I looooooooooooooove this movie!

This part made me cry, I'm sure was the objective. It was beautiful. Oh my Joanna....

Friday, November 14, 2008

What I needed. Puppies!

Its over!

They cut second shift and tonight was my last night. I will miss so many people there. Wahhhhhhhhh! Damn Jessica Simpson! :-P

But, I am also anxious to get this place cleaned up!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My pc is fried.

Before we left tonight, the lights went out for a second. I restarted my computer. We left and in the parking light we saw the lights go out again for a second. Now home, I tried restarting and nothing. The green light is on but no motor whirring going on. So, I unplugged everything and plugged back in the power cord. The green light on the motherboard comes on but, that's it. I'm thinking power supply but, then it wouldn't light up, right? Hubby used some thingy and says a resistance (???) is burnt.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pics of Halloween 2008

What a month!

Here is La Princessa Joanna. I really hope to have her dressed in traditional Halloween gear next year. After all was said and done, she said she didn't want to go candy begging next year, she wants to hand it out. I know she's really evil deep down and will have fun scaring kids. Hee hee!

We went down Swiss Ave. because Beli told us how awesome it was. Uh, yeah. Ok. Long lines to get a tootsie roll. No fun at all! It was so jammed, you couldn't even stop to admire other trick-or-treaters. We took our nieces and nephews because last year it was just us three and my poor baby was a lonely girl.

Ugh, I uploaded backwards. LOL. This was supposed to be at the end.....a self portrait! :P

Marilda.......don't know if it was measles or freckles....

Joanna with a creepy Superman.

And with her cousins.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Holt Caterpillar celebrates 75 years.

They had a dinner at the shop on Oct. 21. Hubby is so proud of working there. Even though, me, sourpuss, wishes I could speak for him for some unfair things they do!

Anyway, he took Joanna and they had a great time. I wonder why? LOLOLOL

Here are a few pics of the celebration including the derby mini car the Hydraulic shop submitted in the Holt Derby. They won the President's Award. That's a pic of Alfredo driving. :)