Thursday, October 30, 2008

State Fair of Texas part 2

Just a few pics. :P

First up is Joanna with Miss Texas. She was very nice. Hubby was very happy.

The next pics are our day at the fair. She won a pink monkey, rode the swings and petted a donkey in honor of her father. Hee hee! She got to meet Barney and took a pic of us. All in all it was a nice day with just the three of us.

Monday, October 27, 2008

So far behind!

I have the State Fair pics, the Holt dinner and the Holt Family Day in San Antonio, to post.

We invited Carmen and her family along and spent the night in SA. It was a nice time. Hilarious was when one of the zombies walking around chased this teen. He was right behind her and she dropped her drink and took off like a rocket! He kept up with her until she finally ran back and rejoined her family. She was shivering! Then the zombie was posing for pics when the father came up and said "Just so you know, that little girl you were chasing, lost her drink and necklace." I have no idea how it was resolved but, I know people were kind of booing the dad. I mean, come on, its Frightfest, you know spooks were going to be walking around. If you are scared like that, you should wait for Holiday in the Park!

Pics later......swear! Joanna got her face painted, it was her favorite part.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Do you want your daughter to be like you?

I was asked this yesterday and I busted out crying.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Texas State Fair 2008

We were barely there 10 minutes when we bought a special $10 package at the Texas Lotto booth, that allowed you to spin the wheel for a chance of free scratch offs or get in the wind machine. Well, hubby spun and got the star. He would get one scratch off for every dollar he'd catch. Ended up with 43. We scratched them off and won $33 plus 8 free tickets for the Texas Two-Step drawings. It was prett cool.

In other news, my sweet nephew Mario was hurt at his football game yesterday. They broke his femur. We were at Baylor til 11pm. They operated and put a rod in his bone and thankfully, it was a clean break so there should be no problems. Poor baby!

I will post pics of my own baby later. I'm about to crash!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Garage sale!

Wow! Monday is Joanna's fair day and all we had was my check. So, we decided to sell some of my free stuff. We made $360!! And I sold cheap!

Dawn dish detergent .50 each
Softsoap hand soap .50
Electrasol dishwasher tabs 2.00 each
Shampoos $2 or 2/$3
Razors same
Lysol Neutr air - the big one that sells for over $10 - $5 each
Glade scented oil plug ins $2 or 2/$3
Glade air sprays .50

Lots of things were free for me. The most I paid for anything was $1 and I tripled that and was still a big bargain for the non-coupon shopper.

Some ladies took all of one thing. The first one there took all the softsoap and dawn. $20.50 right away!

Now I have to restock. Tonight I bought 8 tubes of Crest and paid $0.00. The ones I had at the garage sale sold for $1. Wednesday the Softsoap will be on sale at Kroger and I'll be getting those for free.

Love it!

Now we will have a great day at the fair. Whoooooooo hooooooooo!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Can't add worth ^%$#^&^

My post, all out there for everyone to see!

And I see that I can't add.

9x7= 62


What a doofus. LMAO

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rolling, rolling, CVS

When I would get ECBs from CVS, I would just spend them on whatever. Just like before coupons, I was just...oh, ok.

Now, I finally get it! When you get an ecb, use it to buy a product that will produce ecbs! Doh!

Right now I have $16 in ECBs. Extra Care Bucks from CVS Pharmacy.

I just went and got 2 Bic Soleil razors. On sale for $5.99 and you get $4 in ECBs. I printed out a coupon for $2.00 off. So, using ecbs from another purchase, I paid $0.00 out of my own money and used $8.00 in ECBs and received $8.00 in ECBs. I did buy 7 jumbo pens for 9cents each and paid that with my gift card so that it wasn't so obvious I was rolling. Still was zero oop (out of pocket) since the gift card was from a refund.

$5.99 x 2 = $11.98
$0.09 x 7 = $0.62
- $4.00 Bic Soleil coupons
- $8.00 ECBs
$0.60 plus tax
Used GC to pay for it, received $8.00 in ECBs.

I like this rolling. :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tough love is so hard.

Michael moved out a while ago.

Today I was visited by a truant officer. He was checking on a claim of domestic violence. I told him the truth that he didn't live here anymore and was with the neighbors. I kinda hinted that if anything was wrong, he would move back in with us.

Well, my sister and he spoke to someone at school and he has two options. Move back in with me or move back to Mesquite. Well, he could stay if by Monday, the neighbors apply for school guardianship. I don't think they will and Michael will think nothing of it to ask it of them.

If he were to ask me if he could come back. I will still say no and cry afterwards. I feel like he has nowhere to go. But, I also feel like its his own fault. Not 100% but, 95%.

I just hope he doesn't make the wrong decisions.

He feels like no one loves him but what it is, is that no one loves him the way HE wants them to love him.

What we've done is not good enough. And I feel like a failure in trying to make him understand.