Monday, January 28, 2008

My bad side

Hubby recently found his daughter on Long story but, all he does now is come home and see if she posted any new videos. I try to understand but I do get angry. And jealous. Only because I don't think he's happy here and he's getting happy somewhere else.

Anyway......she is trying to be a singer. She has gotten jobs at local shows and such. He's so proud of her. He says he's not going to tell her anything.........

But I have to admit how mean I am. She posted a new video today and what I saw was that she can't dance worth crap. And I smiled. I smiled.

I'm going to hell.

Friday, January 25, 2008


There was a slip of paper in Joanna's backpack the day before yesterday. It said that my child has been referred to the counselor for counseling. I had to sign it if I agreed to her having the counseling. So, I called to see what up. She was very nice. Joanna's teacher suggested it because.... 1. She's super shy. 2. She's over dependant. 3. She wants the teacher's attention all the time.

Yeah, I knew that already.

1. For the first two years of Joanna's life, it was just the two of us. I didn't know anyone in Mexico. So, the only face she saw was mine except for the few trips to the neighbors. Hubby came down every 2 weeks but it was probably 24hrs total he was there. So, she really doesn't know how to interact with other kids.

2. She has a bad habit of saying she can't do something. Believe me, I do not do everything for her. I saw how my nieces and nephews can't do squat for themselves and if Joanna later says she did it without help, I will be happy. Of course, we are here for the big stuff. But to make a sandwich? She can do it and does. But, obviously, she is using the can't do it at school.

3. She loves her teacher and we explained to her that she has 18 other kids to watch and teach. But, Joanna loves approval and probably wants her to say "Good girl" for every little thing.

I agreed to the counseling. She said that it was a small group of kids, one on one time and lots of reinforcement on thing and choices the kids make on their own.

One of the newest things is that Joanna wants to be escorted to her class by someone when we arrive at the door. I tell her she can do it herself and has!

I had to laugh this morning.......she had her first counseling yesterday...and now raises her fists up and says "I can do it!"

Well this morning, we're walking up to the door and she raised her fists up and said "I can do it!" and walked to the lady at the door and said "Will you walk me to my class?"


Monday, January 21, 2008

I love a good deal but, really!

I have a notebook adapter listed on Craigslist. The cable company goofed and brought it when I was getting set up for wireless by mistake. I paid for it anyway. $30. I have it listed for $20.

Here's the email I just received:

HIM: hello, how negotiable are you on the price? i am very interested in one for my son's laptop.thanks also where about in xxx are you located?

ME: Firm on price. I paid $30 through time warner and it is listed at $29 on Amazon. TimeWarner messed up in bringing it and it was too much hassle to return it, so I didn't use it. Thanks!

HIM: thanks for your respond, has it for $22.50. and the fact that i have to come to xxx from xxx i have to spend at least 5.00 for gas, i can pay u $15.00. i am going for jury duty 2morrow if come to xxx i can meet u somewhere or if i can get out early i can meet u in xxx .thanks

ME: Wrong link. The one I have is is WPC54G , not WPC54GX4The one you linked has $8 shipping, so it would still be $30 for you.Plus, from what I see on craigslist, I'm the lowest price.Thanks!

HIM: so is there any room for negotiation? also are u coming to xxx 2morrow around down town, like i mentioned, i have jury duty and i'm sure we get an houre for lunch, i can meet u somewhere in the midle.thanks

ME: Again, I'm sorry. I can't go downtown. That'd be $5 of my own gas.I'm not making any profit as it is, just put it out there for someonewho might use it. Thanks for the interest.


Then he responds that if he gets out of jury duty early, he'll come and buy it. I don't think I've ever haggled with someone like that. I usually price really low to sell fast. Whew!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

10 years together

Wow! Hubby and I have made it to the 10yr mark. I have to say right away, it has been hard!

We physically met on Dec. 26th, 1997. We got married Jan. 9, 1998. It was not supposed to last. It was for other reasons that we married at all.

But here we are. 10yrs later. :)

We've both have suffered each other but something keeps us going. I'm not going to deny any of the hardships, they are what make the good parts of us better.

All I can say is, I'm thankful I had him by my side these past 10yrs. Thank you, Gabino.

OMG, CMT is playing Pure Country. I Cross My Heart is our song. A sign that we will forge on? :)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Like ham?

This pic cracks me up. We took our nieces and nephews to Holiday in the Park at Six Flags.