Thursday, April 3, 2008

RIP Midget

I called my Tia Julia tonight. She was sniffling. She said Big Mike called her to tell her that Midget died. My sister ran over him by accident. :(

Midget was about 10yrs old or so. He was an indoor cat but when my brother went to live with my sis, he escaped. He came alive again once he got a taste of the outdoors. He used to be always sleepy, bad back, ear mites.......then he was reborn. I think he was happier these last 6 months.

I know my sister feels so bad about what happened, who wouldn't? But its not her fault. He was on the outside porch and for some reason ran under her truck after she started it up.

He will be missed, big time.

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Sonya said...

How sad! I am constantly worrying that one of our cats is gonna do this. We have four and I couldn't bare to lose them like this. If they died of old age, I think I could handle it. Your poor sis! I hope she knows it was an accident and doesn't feel too guilty. Sad....