Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

Almost every year, we take our mom to put flowers on her mom's grave. She gets very emotional but, I can't feel anything. My Grandmother died in 1973. I was days from my 4th birthday. I didn't get to know her.

But, I feel that her tears will be few compared to what I will shed if my mom should leave me. The older I get, the more it freaks me thinking of the possibility of her going. God give me strength.

But, despite me being morbid and negative, it was a beautiful day. The temperature was just right. We went to a nearby park after leaving the cemetary. Hamburgers and hot dogs. Friendly game of volley ball. (I didn't play) No one getting angry...it was very nice. I hope we have more days like this.


Jenny said...

Great blog you have here. I love it!

Allie Parker said...

thanks for entering my giveaway! you have a really nice blog. looks like you have a wonderful family! hope you win :) I have a giveaway every friday, so be sure to visit again!