Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In coupon heaven and hell.

I haven't stopped. I think I've found the alternative to sweepstakes. The difference is that, with coupons, your win is in your hot little hands right then and there!

I have so much freaking shampoo, Joanna's kids will be using it.

I have 32 packs of gum!! I didn't even buy any before. What free will do to you!

This coming week, hopefully it will be food I will stock up on. There's some great sales coming.

If you are interested in couponing and getting obsessed like me, go to http://www.hotcouponworld.com

It will blow your mind!


Anonymous said...

LOL looks like you will have to open a store to sell some of your surplus

Floral said...

Try my favorites online coupons site Couponalbum.com!