Thursday, September 11, 2008

If its not one thing...

Michael has moved out. Before he got the boot, actually.

After many misgivings, I registered him for school. A 17yr old freshman. He was not embarrassed. He swore he would do good. He swore that it was not for friends.

Last night on the way home from work, I find out he moved out because his girlfriend is 3 months pregnant.

When Gabino took him back in last January, one of the rules was that if he got someone pregnant, he had to move out. Gabino's logic is never sane but, Michael agreed to it.

So, one week into I withdraw him or hope he doens't do me wrong and start skipping where IIIIIIIIIIII will be responsible for his truancy. In December he turns 18 and will be on his own. School said that if he skips they kick him out without any further obligation to his education.

I looked up his myspace and his mood is "scared" and his quote say "don't know what to do."

I told him not to believe a girl when she says she's protected. Why donn't they ever listen?

And he brought up to my mother that Gabriel, Sabrina and Veronica all have babies and no one thinks the worst of them. Well, if he wants to compare cousins and brother, Gabriel and Sabrina graduated.

Ugh, what do I do????????????????

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