Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our road trip

We headed out on Wednesday 12am. First stop was a night stay in Lawrenceville. Then we arrived at Clayton, GA to visit Gabriel and his family. OMG, pics don't do Phoenix justice. What a cutie patootie. And Gabriel's in-laws are so gracious. He looks happy and I'm happy for him.

Then that night we arrived at Carla's sister's house iMt. Airy, NC. What a house!! We stayed in the finished basement which is like a whole house itself. They were very nice too. A poodle that I wish I could have dognapped!! Love ya Miya!
Next day we went to visit Carla's mom in Ararat, VA. What a nice lady. Very nice.

We went to Pilot Mountain Park. It was a little hazy but nice all in all. I had no idea I was leaning on a rail that had a family of spiders!!! If it had been Michael, I'm sure he would have jumped over the rails and rather have risked death. Ughhhh!!

On our last day, we went to Mabry Mills off the Blue Ridge Parkway. So beautiful. Picnic'd and went back to stay one last night.

It was a long nice trip but a little hard on the kids.

I think next trip will be to Oregon to visit Gabino's cousin. I heard its way nice up there. :)


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Nice pictures!!!