Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The return of my nephew.

It's really weird to be on the boy's side of things. Usually its the guys being a-holes to us women.

A while back my niece called me to ask for advice on my nephew. Seems his baby's momma broke up with him and he was really upset. She gave him advice, that I felt, was pretty good since she'd been so blind herself in her relationship.

Then my nephew in Georgia had trouble in his relationship. I won't go into too much except that, to me, she was partly at fault from what I read in her myspace.

Both of my nephews have their flaws, who doesn't? But these girls...sigh....my heart was aching for the boys. But then again, it was a bit refreshing to see that there were two guys that actually felt what women usually go through. And they might learn from it or be bitter. Bitter like me. HA!

Anyway...my nephew is back in town. No telling how long. But, I guess they felt it was needed...the space... And now her status on myspace is "lonely"....sigh.

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