Monday, December 14, 2009

Scared crapless right now.

Hubby worked the cowboy game and my sis came over to watch the end of it. Afterwards, I invited them to go out and get ice cream. When we came back we saw police at a neighbor's home. She dropped Joanna and me off then called me. She stopped and asked the police what was going on. They were looking for someone.

I got a little scared and we stayed in our living room til we got ready for bed. I got an email from the neighborhood lady who welcomes the new residents. She said the the couple had arrived from church and the man went in to use the restroom when he saw an intruder. He yelled at him, shots were fired and he yelled to his wife to run. She ran to a neighbors, called 911. The intruder ran towards the school. They took the husband to the hospital where he later died. There were some witnesses so, hopefully this person will be caught!

She also mentions that there was another robbery down the street on Saturday as well a street over.

I'm still waiting on hubby and every creak in the house is scaring me crapless.


Miranda said...

you might want to check about that alarm system ...since you already have the box in the house....and since you have more windows and entry doors....

Anonymous said...

I hope your OK?