Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hold 'em Texas!

We are poker players. We cannot have a family get together without someone pulling a deck of cards out of where ever.

December of 2005, I won a trip to Vegas and played in a Winner Takes All for $100,000. I came in 3rd of 10. I could have cried but I had Vegas in front of me. :D

I just downloaded Full Tilt Poker. I am having fun! I played in a tournament with 630 people and got to the big table! Unfortunately I was so in awe, I was the first one out. LOL. I came in 9th. I am off to bluff some more.

Like I needed another addiction!

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igg said...


I dont do poker. I mean I played when I was younger for fun. But I didnt get caught up in the online crazes. Good luck at it. you could win big someday! :)