Sunday, November 11, 2007

Whose childhood is it anyway?

We went to the flea market today and bought this dollhouse for Joanna. I was soooo happy! Her last birthday, we saw one at Big Lots and didn't buy it then. When we decided on it, they were all out.

This one is so much better. I looooove it!! We spent 2 hrs playing on it and then she kept on. We just got back from dinner and the first thing she's doing it playing on it.

My sister was here with her kids when we arrived and they had been playing with it too. Fixed it up, so they say. LOL

Happy girl


Her dad laying down on the bed, as usual!


Anonymous said...

thats really neat! My father inlaw made one for my girls when they were little.
As for "Whose childhood is it anyway?" we all have to get older with time but growing up is optional, have your time together while you can kids grow up so fast.

igg said...

Thats the coolest doll house!

I never really played with them as a kid. I liked toy cars and climbing trees more. lol

Stay a kid! yes you have to do grownup stuff too, but having fun is great. Dont quit having fun because you are an adult. Joanna will love you more for being a kid sometimes too. :)

Daniela6968 said...

My mom says she was the same as you Igg. One Christmas an Aunt gave them a doll and her and her 2 sisters promptly hung them on a nail in their bedroom. Joanna is really a girly girl. So much, I'm scared! LOL