Monday, January 21, 2008

I love a good deal but, really!

I have a notebook adapter listed on Craigslist. The cable company goofed and brought it when I was getting set up for wireless by mistake. I paid for it anyway. $30. I have it listed for $20.

Here's the email I just received:

HIM: hello, how negotiable are you on the price? i am very interested in one for my son's laptop.thanks also where about in xxx are you located?

ME: Firm on price. I paid $30 through time warner and it is listed at $29 on Amazon. TimeWarner messed up in bringing it and it was too much hassle to return it, so I didn't use it. Thanks!

HIM: thanks for your respond, has it for $22.50. and the fact that i have to come to xxx from xxx i have to spend at least 5.00 for gas, i can pay u $15.00. i am going for jury duty 2morrow if come to xxx i can meet u somewhere or if i can get out early i can meet u in xxx .thanks

ME: Wrong link. The one I have is is WPC54G , not WPC54GX4The one you linked has $8 shipping, so it would still be $30 for you.Plus, from what I see on craigslist, I'm the lowest price.Thanks!

HIM: so is there any room for negotiation? also are u coming to xxx 2morrow around down town, like i mentioned, i have jury duty and i'm sure we get an houre for lunch, i can meet u somewhere in the midle.thanks

ME: Again, I'm sorry. I can't go downtown. That'd be $5 of my own gas.I'm not making any profit as it is, just put it out there for someonewho might use it. Thanks for the interest.


Then he responds that if he gets out of jury duty early, he'll come and buy it. I don't think I've ever haggled with someone like that. I usually price really low to sell fast. Whew!


~Monk~ said...

There is always someone who wants something for nothing!(Or close to it)List it for$29 and come down to 20 then they think they have got a deal

Daniela6968 said...

Well, he came and bought it for $20. :)