Monday, January 28, 2008

My bad side

Hubby recently found his daughter on Long story but, all he does now is come home and see if she posted any new videos. I try to understand but I do get angry. And jealous. Only because I don't think he's happy here and he's getting happy somewhere else.

Anyway......she is trying to be a singer. She has gotten jobs at local shows and such. He's so proud of her. He says he's not going to tell her anything.........

But I have to admit how mean I am. She posted a new video today and what I saw was that she can't dance worth crap. And I smiled. I smiled.

I'm going to hell.


~Monk~ said...

Don't feel bad Daniela, What you are feeling is only natural. Unfortunately the same goes for your hubby and he can't help the interest he has in her. Luckily it is his kid not X girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

I hope your feeling better.