Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy 18th Birthday Michael!

Not a recent photo but, one of the sweetest ones there is of you. :)

Oh Michael....

I'm not your momma but, I love you so much, it hurts. As the old saying goes, I only want what is best for you.

It was so damn hard not to let you come back to our home. But, I am really glad you and your mom have settled a bit. I know there are still flare ups but, less. Right?

Wow, Michael, 18!!

I pray for you, Michael. I pray that you see the light and it shows you the road that will be right for what you need to do. Please give lots of thoughts in choosing the way. Whether it be to join the Navy like you've been talking about or staying in school to try to finish, I will support your decision because its all you now and you alone in command of your life.

All my love to you, Michael.

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