Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm sick...arghhh

Not how I wanted to enter the new year.

We had a looooooong week. Christmas Eve we spent at SIL's house with hubby's side of the family. He always acts a fool there because they think he's hilarious. Yeah. We spent the night and at 8am went to Dallas Tortilla to buy the tamales for my side of the family. We wait for 30min when he announces that they are out! 1hr wait more. We head to Grand Prairie and they are closed. Back to Oak Cliff...it was not that full and the guy ahead of the line said he's been there a hour waiting patiently. One hour later the line starts moving. I tell hubby to get half the order so it won't seem so large. 14 dozen is what we needed. So he gets his 6 and I get my 8. The lady behind me says she wants 4...1 hour wait, he shouts! My bad! I hurried out of there. LOL

So we finally arrive at Beli's. Ate like there was no tomorrow. Then we played poker. I came out $15 ahead. Went to bingo later that evening and lost $30.

Friday, we go to Carmen's. We spent the night watching the worst movie EVER...The Last Winter. OMG, I told Isidro I would pay him to throw it away!

Then on Saturday we sat around watching Lifetime. I never watch Lifetime. Its like reading those True Story mags my sister loves so much. Then while fooling around reading Craigslist, I see a listing for a 14.8 cubic feet chest freezer for $100. OMG, we bought one half that size for double the price! So Carmen wants it...she's had her 5cf for 17yrs. We go home instead of spending the night...wanted my own bed. Sunday we join up with them and they get the freezer in Ft.Worth. She emptied hers and it barely filled the bottom of the freezer. Yay~

So I call Tia Julia because we are supposed to go to their house and she says she's making Mole....nooooooo, we are gonna take them out. Applebee's it is.

Carmen gets Isidro to take her. Party of 11. OMG, my steak dinner was so good...and too little!!

On to home, its midnight and I'm so glad hubby's driving.

Monday morning........SICK!~~!~!!@!!@#r$^%&^^$#%$$^%&^^$#@@!!

And here we are.

Dirty house and I'm hosting New Year's Eve. Arghhh......someone kick me in the butt!

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