Monday, March 16, 2009

Apples with ketchup.

I almost gagged when Joanna told me she likes apples with ketchup. But then I remembered my likes. McDonald's chicken nuggets dipped in their hot fudge sundae. Big Breakfast with bbq sauce. Beans with mayo on a bolillo. Yummy! I might try apples and ketchup. :)

Amazing weekend of saving at Kroger and Albertsons.

Albertsons has the Nestle Flavored Milk for $1 and its free with my coupons. I heard you can freeze them but the couple I have frozen swelled up on the bottom. I am defrosting one right now to see how it comes out.

Thanks for coupons found at 7-11, we've been getting Powerade for .12 each. This Sunday had coupons for Mahatma rice, .15 for a pound at Kroger after doubling! I love rice! Toaster strudel for .44, Monster energy drinks for .49! These are at least $2 on sale! I don't have a coupon for this but well worth .49 is the Nestle Frozen Lemonade. OMG, I love those!

Its been a plentiful weekend. Our cupboards are full, thank God.

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