Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend of untying those ties that binds you.

Saturday we had a garage sale at Gabino's friend and it went ok. It was windy with looks of rain but, the the temperature was nice.

We were supposed to meet up with a loan officer but, he called in sick as we were arriving home. So, before we got in the door with the stuff, we set up outside and sold to the neighbors. Yay! They were asking for our number so they can keep buying after we leave. :)

At 11pm I went to Belinda's to join them in a night run of getting Garnier at Walgreens. Free shampoo! We were out to near 6am. In Belinda's gas hog but she said she didn't use that much gas for the huge Dallas circle we made.

Sunday was my turn to host our monthly family dinner. I made pork chops with biscuits on top. One of my Momma's all time favorite dish. I'm sure she's eating it everyday up in Heaven!
Dinner was always 1pm but I was going to ask the loan officer if we could move it to 6pm. I didn't get ahold of him until 2:30 and he was happy because he was still sick and we postponed it for Monday. But by then one of my sisters had already said they weren't coming because it was just to come and eat. I didn't call her back because I was actually sick to my stomach about her cancellation. It was also exactly one month that my mom passed and she was here too. And any small effort would have been appreciated. But, oh well, everyone has their priorities. Gas was not a problem before for shampoo.

My extremely pregnant cousin showed up with my Tia J. After Miranda left because of Sabrina's curfew, they stayed and fajita'd. We sat outside but came inside to eat. One of her little girls is a mini Dora the Explorer and would walk off every minute. We were all too FAT to be after her every minute! :D

So, if this post breaks those family ties, so be it. Every event is the same, all hyped up and last minute cancellations. I don't care anymore. If my momma's passing showed me anything it is that life is too dang short to put up with things that upset you. Cut it and leave it behind. I'm glad she had fun anyway. I received an email about Easter but I'm not even going to answer that one. It really is no point because it will be cancelled last minute just like last year. I've already made plans with my cousin.

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