Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm not ready!!

Joanna is a girly girl. She loves her skirts. She loves to twirl in them. She is dying to wear makeup and thinks burps are gwoss.

She is really good on waiting for her turn. She asks me if makeup is for big people. And she's happy with the answer. I never wear it. Just am not in the habit.

For my birthday, I did put some on and she was so thrilled. I even painted my nails on my left hand and let her do my right. I told her that when school was out, I would paint her nails. But only for summer. It might seem innocent to some and not a biggie but, she's moving to fast for me. Asking to go to the mall, wanting to wear frilly scares me!

School is out and guess what I woke up to? A bottle of nail polish by my face. Oh my baby...I painted her nails and she was so damn happy.

I'm scared!!!!!!

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