Thursday, February 21, 2008


Tuesday Joanna had a fever. Once it was up to 105. It was 4am so I went online to see how to break it without covering her totally up. So first link is about egg whites. Soak cloths or paper towels in egg whites and then wrap the feet in them. Either put socks on or ziplocs. So I did. 30min later she was cool and was able to sleep for 3 hrs.

Later that night, again, high fever. So Wednesday, took her to the clinic. They did a stick on her finger and checked for strep. Normal test is 6.8.......she had 21.8. Shot in the butt, antibiotics. 1hr later she was good to go. Today we went for a follow up shot. She cried but was really brave too. Mostly because she knew why we were there and didn't put up a fight. I love my girl!

She missed the whole week of school.....ughhh. And I still didn't get to sleep in!!! LOL

And now, I don't know what I ate but, I'm visiting the throne every 5min. least I'm getting some reading done. Hee hee!

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