Saturday, February 23, 2008

Computer's got hit with the bug, too.

From what I am reading on tech forums, its a corrupt registry thing. At the welcome screen, the user icon is missing. I can't log on. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh

I will have to reformat. Thank goodness I have a separate hard drive for my music and photos. And thank goodness for this laptop!

Another thing....I do taxes for my relatives online. I use Its free for them and I like doing them.

well, as usual, they've got their friends coming to SIL's neighbor was the latest one. But, I called today to make sure they got their direct deposit. He was so happy, he said he had something for me. My SIL brought it orchid plant and $50. Whoo hoo! I always say I do them for free but its nice to be appreciated!

I'll have to take a pic of the orchid. I've never had anything so fancy! :)


Anonymous said...

Its nice when a good deed is repaid some how, I think people owe you a lot.

Anonymous said...

How's the computer doing

Megan said...

Thanks for stoping by and entering my contest! you got a ticket in the hat! I hope your daughter is feeling better. Computer too!

Daniela6968 said...

The pc looks like new. But shaky. I cant turn it off because it is hard to get it to power back on. it might be close to biting the big one. Thanks for asking Monk!