Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ha! Proof that hubby loves my cat.....

.......and my cat and I found out the hard way.

Kitty Kitty escapes me when I am wheeling out my mom in or out the apt. So he is out for a couple of hours a day. Since we grew up with outdoor cats, I was a bit more "its ok" about it.

So, last night he was out. Hubby ran an errand and when I went out to help him unload, I saw 4 people sitting at the picnic table in the courtyard. When hubby was coming up the walkway, he saw one guy with his arms around a girl walking and then WHAM, he kicked my cat really really hard. Hubby yelled out to him,, hey thats my cat!! He said the guy got really pale but, the other guy in the group went up to his face and started saying crap in English to him. Hubby gave him the eye and the guy's girl pulled him away and they ran off. Hubby called the police.....not much they could do.

So we took off looking for my cat. He came out of the bushes after 15min. Hubby was just petting and petting him. Looking for any injuries, which, thank goodness there are none. Kitty kitty is acting like nothing happened that I had to ask hubby if he was sure it was our cat........yes, he's sure.

This morning I had to take my mom to dialysis. Hubby wakes up enough to tell me to give him the cat in bed while I leave so he won't run out.

So in the end.......he loves him. And I love my hubby. And my cat is staying in from now on whether he likes it or not!

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