Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our vacation at the Zoo.

Hubby took Thursday off so we could take Joanna to the zoo. It rained that morning with chances of rain all day. Thankfully, it only happened in the morning. Cooled the day off till about 3pm. Then OMG, I was soaking. What a day to forget my deodorant!

There was a mandrill that was sitting at the window. Only thing separating us. For some reason he took offense with hubby. He was hitting the glass and playing with his $^&%*%. He was so beautiful. The colors on his It may be sad to see them like this but, seriously, we would never get to be that close ever, without a zoo....

There's a new thing -- Stingray Bay -- I got to feed one. He sucked up that fish from my hand without touching me. Hubby chickened and dropped the shrimp right when he was about to get it from him. Ha ha!

Joanna really enjoyed it. We didn't tell her anything until we drove up.

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Beli said...

Joanna is so freaking gorgeous! I love the way she poses for the pics. =)