Saturday, June 28, 2008

My coupon experience.....

Wow, just wow!

Sure, I had the occasional freebie coupon that I would redeem but, I had no idea!

My friend, Carmen, would always tell me what she got free at the store and I just oo'ed and aww'ed but, I never got motivated enough to clip any coupons myself.

Well, last night hubby took like a demon with the scissors to the coupons. He was determined we were going to be like her and save tons.

Today we met up with her and we bought $224 and paid $53!

First stop was Target. It was the most expensive stop. I got 8 bottles of shampoo, 2 tubs of Lysol wipes, 1 bottle of Pine-Sol, 8 - one lb bags of cat food, 2 - 24ct family size Lipton tea bags, 2 big bottles of Hellman's mayo, 2 - 15pk of razors for hubby. The only thing not with a coupon was 2 boxes of patches for my mom and a 6pk of plastic bowls for 0.48c on clearance. Total was $75 and change. After the coupons, it was $32 but, aha! She forgot to take off 2 coupons off of the shampoo for $1 $30!

Kroger is too long to all scanned at $109. After scanning the Kroger card, it was $70. After coupons, it was (drumroll................) $8.47!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we took a break and ate and then hit Albertsons. It was over $40 and I paid $13. That includes 3 boxes of cereal, 2 Kraft mayos, 2 rolls of Owens sausage, a 6pk of Yoplait for kids, a 4lb bag of sugar and a dozen eggs.

And the sugar was on sale for $0.99 and we had a coupon for $0.30 off....tripled, the sugar cost us 9 freaking cents!!

Carmen made her kids go in line with the sugar because there was a limit of 1. I made out with 9 bags of sugar for $0.81 cents!!! Carmen gave them to me.

Oh yeah, in the Kroger deal, I bought 8 - 2pks of Lever bar soap, $1 a pk. We had coupons for $1 off!!

OMG, she's hooked me!!

Hubby is in awe as well as me. All this time paying retail with the occasional coupon. NOT ANYMORE!!!


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can you send here here to teach me to coupon? I need a store guide. Also I live in the land of no doubles or triples *sob*

Tallulah said...

Interesting to know.