Sunday, January 25, 2009

God, please listen to me?

Causes of low blood pressure due to heart disease

Weakened heart muscle can cause the heart to fail and reduce the amount of blood it pumps. One common cause of weakened heart muscle is the death of a large portion of the heart's muscle due to a single, large heart attack or repeated smaller heart attacks.

What she was so proud of, is hurting her. One thing that was always normal for her was her blood pressure. She was quick to point it out to the drs.

And now she needs medicine to keep it up.

I need my momma. I want to hear her again. I want to make eggs for her!! I want to hear her cuss out the Cowboys (Romo). I want to play poker and hear her whine that she's losing as she puts another ante in because she is the gambler in all three of us. I want to take her to the Grand Canyon she wants to see even with her fear of heights.

But, if she's hurting, then, God knows what is better for her even if I don't agree with it.

I need my momma, I want my momma. Please, God?

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orange said...

How is she doing?