Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It could of been us they were talking to...

but, it was another family in here. Dr. was explaining that the patient had very little hope and would probably not be here in the next 30 min. It could of been us.

I left at 4:30am and got up late to take Joanna to school. Miranda was already up here. Belinda saw the Dr. and he says there is hope. Her lungs look much better. It all depends on her heart, depends on how strong it will be....

They're going to start weaning her off the blood pressure medicine.

I went in there to see her and she flexed her fingers. My favorite nurse said she could hear me because her pressure was low and when I was talking to momma, it was raising to a normal level.

I guess that means she heard my promise to make her eggs everyday without groaning. I will be more than happy to fulfill that promise forever. Forever.

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