Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hi Momma

When my Mom had a seizure a couple of years ago, she had been hallucinating. She said she could see people. She didn't know them but she was afraid. I tried to tell her to just ask what they wanted. She then went to the hospital because we knew something was wrong with her and shortly after arriving, she had a seizure. They said it was due to a UTI. Afterwards she never mentioned seeing anyone.

My sister, about 3 weeks after Momma died, said she was tossing and turning in bed when she saw a shadow and heard Momma tell her in Spanish to settle down. She said she did but couldn't sleep.

Then I woke up the other day at 6am. What woke me is Momma saying my name. I wasn't dreaming that I know of. I heard her clearly say "Daniela" and I awoke saying "What?" I looked over at hubby and Joanna but, they were both asleep. I didn't feel sad or anything, just wide awake which, anyone that knows me, knows I am hard to get going in the morning.

Then Sabrina tells us she saw a shadow. She took a picture with her cell. My sister posted it on the family website along with a picture of my mom for comparison. My mom always tilted to the right when she sat in her wheelchair.

Sabrina was afraid but I told her Momma was just visiting. She's going through some things that I'm sure Momma has a few words to say about. I hope she gets the message.

Here is the picture along with Momma.

I believe in ghosts. Hi Momma.

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