Monday, April 13, 2009

When we move.

We haven't gotten the clear to close yet. So frustrating.

But I will be sad once we move. This apartment will forever be thought of as where my Mom last lived. I will hate to see anyone else live here. And heaven forbid they ever raze these apts! It will be like her dying again.

I know we have our memories and stories for her to live on but, I am a visual person. I have to see the place or person.

My heart jumps when I get mail addressed to her. I see commercials for things that make me say out loud "Ohh, I gotta tell Momma!"

Or like yesterday at my cousin's. An Uncle of hers made menudo Momma would have loved! It was all I could think of.

Today I got a call confirming an appointment from her neurologist. I have to tell someone again, she died. And it hurts all over again.

I miss her so much. So damn much.

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