Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mom in ER

She's doing ok.

Yesterday she had an appt in Plano and being the chicken I am driving in ice, I asked my sis to take her.

She no sooner arrived when they came right back. She fell ill with an embarrassing malady....she needed to change clothes, if you get my drift.

Afterwards, she laid down in bed. She started having the shivers, then would get hot.

Finally she complained that she couldn't breathe. So because it was almost the same symptoms of her heart attack last July, I suggested the ER. The paramedics came, checked her out and mentioned that one lung sounded wet.

ER said the same...she had fluid in her lungs. So they kept her....and they are doing dialysis right now. They haven't given her a room,, they full.

So, that's our scare for the week. :(

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