Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Yesterday was the first time I've been alone since my momma passed. Joanna went to school and Gabino went back to work. I slept the day away. I guess I didn't want to face it. I only got up in time to pick Joanna up from school.

I go into my mom's room and sigh. I have no desire whatsoever to touch or move anything. Her half drunk Diet Coke is still sitting there. Oh God.

I just want to go to sleep.

I think Joanna is the only thing keeping me from cracking.


Carla said...

I know you must feel so alone, but as long as you have memories of you mom you will always have her with you (in your heart). Keep smiling and remember all the fun and happy times together, the love she has given you and the family you still have.

Daniela6968 said...

I was on my way home with Joanna when an ad for Guiding Light came on the radio. They were announcing Phillip Spaulding as coming back to the show. I was like "Oh I gotta tell Momma!" So, I did. :)