Friday, February 20, 2009

Self Pity Party

Not a good day today. It started with my Aunt J calling last night. She busted out which made me bust out and today's been really emotional.

We were house hunting before Momma got sick. Every house we looked at, we'd say where a ramp would go and which would be Momma's room. And now....

I was driving down the street writing down addresses and got so damn sad. I'm supposed to be grateful that she's not suffering anymore and is with Ama and Apa. Surrounded by love and light. Supposed to be.

Last night Joanna said that if she is crying and I didn't yell at her, its because she's crying for her Nana. :( She's such a good girl. Thankfully, other than that statement, she's a happy girl. Her chongos and hugs make it a little better for me.

Thank you God for Joanna.


Anonymous said...

Remember Daniela that you are to Joanna as your Momma was to you. you can help each other, I've typed and retyped this over and over not knowing what to say, but hang in there, time will heal some of your pain.

Daniela6968 said...

Aw, Monk, there's no need to say anything. I appreciate you thinking of us. :) I aim to be here for Joanna for as long as God allows me. I also thank God for the time Joanna had with her Nana.