Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Belated Easter

Ughhhh.......we are sick. Joanna's had a cough since last Thursday as well as I. Then Saturday we went out to eat with some friends when I felt my eye sting. It got pretty bad and in the morning, it was glue! So Sunday, Joanna gets her own Pink Eye. Took her to the clinic today. Gave me 5 different meds for her. It was heck giving them to her....she's tired of medicine.

She'll be out of school til Thursday.

We were too miserable to have an Easter for her yesterday, so we went to Target today to get her a few goodies.

So, happy Belated Easter to everyone....

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Steph said...

We have had our share of illness as well hopefully everyone in your house is on the mend now. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! Good Luck on my drawing. Please feel free to stop by again, I love having new readers and new bloggy friends.