Monday, March 10, 2008

To ER or not to ER

I finally broke down and agreed to go to the ER for my leg pain. Now I have a pain that, if it were on the right side, I would think it would be my appendix........but its on my left. And my leg pain is slowly spreading itself to my left buttock.

We get there and omg, what in the heck is a major city county hospital thinking??? 12 chairs in the ER. 3 pre-assessment rooms. A computer where you log in your complaints.

We stood next to a lady who had been there 3 hrs and hadn't even had her blood pressure checked. A woman who was soooo obviously in pain asked how much longer. She had chest pains and tingling in her hands and feet. The triage nurse (no fault of hers) told her she didn't know but soon. The lady said forget it and was leaving. Her eyes haunting much pain...

The nurse was scribbling her name off the list and don't know what hit her but, she ran after the woman and got her to sit down.

I told Gabino...too many people worse off than me. All I wanted was to go home and lay down. This pain is ugh...but standing there for hours wasn't going to do diddly. And Joanna was upset when I left. So home I am. Took a goody and put my knee on a heating pad.

Another day....

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Vader's Mom said...

Now that's awful. I went to the ER with Jeff one time and just watched people suffer in the waiting room. "Lucky" for Jeff his blood pressure was so low, they couldn't get him to sit in a chair and they had to take him back. Otherwise, we would have been there f...o..r..e..v...e..r