Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Other news

My nephew is here again. But this time, Gabino is dealing with him. No more "Hey, tell him to wash the dishes, take the trash, why is he still up, no more computer..." YOU TELL HIM. I'm not in it this time!

To be truthful, I don't want him here. Just another headache. I'm watching my mom, taking care of my niece's daughter, Joanna and the child-man I married. Plus my leg hurts so much, I'm in a bitchy mood all day. And now my nephew????

Gabino spoke to him, gave him a bunch of rules.....any one of them broken, he is out. Of course he nodded yes to every one of them. What else is he going to do?

I wish my nephew would grow some and work towards being independant. He supposedly wants to go back to school. Hmph. Gabino told him, once he's 18 in December and he's still here...he's paying rent. Whether it be $1 or $ won't be such a free ride anymore.

I know he can be a good kid but he's so much like his mom, he gets on my nerves. They want to be helpful but they want whatever done their way. Ugh.

Last night my sister asked him to watch Julissa because I'll be going to see my mom soon. I had no idea he told her he wanted to get paid. This morning when my other sister (his mom) dropped the baby off, she gave him $20.........I asked him what that was and that's when he said he was being paid for babysitting. He then gave me the money and said it was for food...we were out of milk.

Oh yeah, everything's hunky dory at first. I'm just waiting for the bomb to go off.

Someone's going to explode.


Anonymous said...

Your tolerance level is Way higher than mine. I would have exploded by now. Sorry your leg hurts. I hope your Mom is feeling better.

Daniela6968 said...

Thanks Monk. They finally put her in a room tonight. Dialysis took out 4kilos of crap out, so they are saying she was "backed up" because they are not taking out enough at her regular dialysis.

But, she's breathing and better. :)

Michael cleaned my house today. Told him that was worth a week's stay. LOL

Anonymous said...

Kids are a bit like dogs they usually respond well to praise.