Saturday, October 11, 2008

Garage sale!

Wow! Monday is Joanna's fair day and all we had was my check. So, we decided to sell some of my free stuff. We made $360!! And I sold cheap!

Dawn dish detergent .50 each
Softsoap hand soap .50
Electrasol dishwasher tabs 2.00 each
Shampoos $2 or 2/$3
Razors same
Lysol Neutr air - the big one that sells for over $10 - $5 each
Glade scented oil plug ins $2 or 2/$3
Glade air sprays .50

Lots of things were free for me. The most I paid for anything was $1 and I tripled that and was still a big bargain for the non-coupon shopper.

Some ladies took all of one thing. The first one there took all the softsoap and dawn. $20.50 right away!

Now I have to restock. Tonight I bought 8 tubes of Crest and paid $0.00. The ones I had at the garage sale sold for $1. Wednesday the Softsoap will be on sale at Kroger and I'll be getting those for free.

Love it!

Now we will have a great day at the fair. Whoooooooo hooooooooo!


fidget said...

awesome way to turn couponing into profit

Anonymous said...

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