Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Texas State Fair 2008

We were barely there 10 minutes when we bought a special $10 package at the Texas Lotto booth, that allowed you to spin the wheel for a chance of free scratch offs or get in the wind machine. Well, hubby spun and got the star. He would get one scratch off for every dollar he'd catch. Ended up with 43. We scratched them off and won $33 plus 8 free tickets for the Texas Two-Step drawings. It was prett cool.

In other news, my sweet nephew Mario was hurt at his football game yesterday. They broke his femur. We were at Baylor til 11pm. They operated and put a rod in his bone and thankfully, it was a clean break so there should be no problems. Poor baby!

I will post pics of my own baby later. I'm about to crash!!!

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