Monday, October 27, 2008

So far behind!

I have the State Fair pics, the Holt dinner and the Holt Family Day in San Antonio, to post.

We invited Carmen and her family along and spent the night in SA. It was a nice time. Hilarious was when one of the zombies walking around chased this teen. He was right behind her and she dropped her drink and took off like a rocket! He kept up with her until she finally ran back and rejoined her family. She was shivering! Then the zombie was posing for pics when the father came up and said "Just so you know, that little girl you were chasing, lost her drink and necklace." I have no idea how it was resolved but, I know people were kind of booing the dad. I mean, come on, its Frightfest, you know spooks were going to be walking around. If you are scared like that, you should wait for Holiday in the Park!

Pics later......swear! Joanna got her face painted, it was her favorite part.

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