Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tired but, not tired.

Wow, was there a good stocking up sale at Kroger these past two weeks. Tomorrow's sale will be eh. So, I will get to rest and find a place for all of this. I might even bake a cake.

Weird, how I missed doing something mundane as to make papas con huevos and not be worried about having my head fall in the skillet from lack of sleep. :P

I still have Mamma Mia! on my mind. Too much fun. Joanna spent a bit on the pc yesterday looking at shorts from the movie. She was imitating Meryl's moves. Fun!

I did an ABBA channel on Pandora.com. Energizing! I made papas con huevos energizing! :)

Last night while I tried to show my SILs how to use coupons and get a 4lb bag of sugar for .45, Joanna's second tooth fell out. She was so embarrassed. ( I need help on how to help her not to worry about others.) Tooth fairy gave her $1 and change. The tooth fairy's hubby wanted more but, I told him it was going to come out of his Send-money-to-mother-in-Mexico fund. He shut up.