Sunday, November 9, 2008

My pc is fried.

Before we left tonight, the lights went out for a second. I restarted my computer. We left and in the parking light we saw the lights go out again for a second. Now home, I tried restarting and nothing. The green light is on but no motor whirring going on. So, I unplugged everything and plugged back in the power cord. The green light on the motherboard comes on but, that's it. I'm thinking power supply but, then it wouldn't light up, right? Hubby used some thingy and says a resistance (???) is burnt.



Anonymous said...

Thats not good :(

Daniela6968 said...

Well good news and bad news. I had it unplugged all night and just now plugged. Nothing happened and then 3 min later I heard the motor going. Yay! But, now my wireless keyboard and mouse don't want to work. Too frustrated to figure it out right now. Laptop is a Godsend! :)