Friday, November 14, 2008

What I needed. Puppies!

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Patriciahown said...

If you're even mildly into Contemporary Country music you'll enjoy this album. Christian worship became a central part of the African-American community, and gospel music formed the basis of their worship style. Now for all you Australians out there, picture this, stinking hot day, the storm clouds are rolling in your on the back verandah with a beer in one hand and rumball in the other, the kids are playing backyard cricket with the rellies and your wife is sweating it out over a lamb roast in the kitchen (what a life hey) and then in the background blasting out the Christmas carols...Lee Kernaghan! That man can sure belt out a good Christmas carol or two, included in the round up of country artists singing country carols is John Williamson, Graeme Connors, Collin Buchanan, Brendon Walmsley (who i am proud to say lives in my town!), even Adam Brand.