Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pics of Halloween 2008

What a month!

Here is La Princessa Joanna. I really hope to have her dressed in traditional Halloween gear next year. After all was said and done, she said she didn't want to go candy begging next year, she wants to hand it out. I know she's really evil deep down and will have fun scaring kids. Hee hee!

We went down Swiss Ave. because Beli told us how awesome it was. Uh, yeah. Ok. Long lines to get a tootsie roll. No fun at all! It was so jammed, you couldn't even stop to admire other trick-or-treaters. We took our nieces and nephews because last year it was just us three and my poor baby was a lonely girl.

Ugh, I uploaded backwards. LOL. This was supposed to be at the end.....a self portrait! :P

Marilda.......don't know if it was measles or freckles....

Joanna with a creepy Superman.

And with her cousins.

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