Monday, November 24, 2008

Tickles was NOT tickled!

To be carried around in the cat's mouth.

Joanna went to the restroom and yelled out that the cat was after Tickles, her Chinese Dwarf hamster. Kitty Kitty has eyed that thing since the get-go. Well, it happened. Kitty kitty was able to get him out of the cage. Hubby ran after him but he crawled under my desk. I looked and saw Tickles hanging from the mouth and no movement. Kitty kitty growled at me and I told hubby to open the door and let him do his dirty deed outside.

Joanna was teary and I told her Tickles was gone. Then something made me look outside and I saw kitty kitty running and hopping around. That $%^%&#% is playing with Tickles! So, I walk out there in my bare feet (anyone with diabetic nerve pain will know how joyous it was to walk the cement, not!!) and see Tickles on the ground, not moving. The cat eyeballs me and snatches him back up and runs off. Here, kitty kitty, my dumbass calls to him. The cat is GALLOPING away....all around to the other side of the units. Ughh, my feet!!!

So, hubby and Joanna are watching me from the door and he says that the cat ran towards the stairs on the side. I go inside to get shoes and they come with me. We see the cat with Tickles in the mouth again and sneak up on him. As soon as I saw him drop Tickles, I told hubby to run up and scare him, which he did. Then in the moonlight we barely see Tickles kinda prancing around and we couldn't grab him. Hubby took off his shirt and was able to lay it on the ground and scoop up Tickles.

As soon as we put him back in his cage, he gets in his wheel and squeaks around. His hair was mussed up with cat saliva but, there was no blood to be found on him or hubby's shirt. Yay!!!

I just got up out of habit and checked on him. He needs a brush but, Tickles' got it on!


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Anonymous said...

I guess cats arnt the only ones with 9 lives :)