Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Are you there? I'm not.

Let's see how long this lasts. I used to write in diaries and then just quit. I tried a blog before there were blogs on Geocities way back in the day. I just erased them after awhile.

I do like writing about the going ons but get lazy. So, here goes another try!

Today is sucking. My husband pawned his impact wrench yesterday to make ends meet and gave me the money when he arrived home. I was in the process of making dinner and stuck it in my shorts pockets. So I put the money somewhere else a couple of minutes later and cannot freaking find it now.

UGHHHH, I'm in such a bitchy mood because of this. I yelled at Joanna because she had clutter everywhere but, it was really because I am so mad at myself. I apologized to her and she said "You didn't yell at me" making me feel even more like crap. Maybe I was using my everyday voice which sounds like an angry person all the time. Sigh...

The good thing is that there is a prospect of trading my mom's Wii for a computer. A month ago, I was able to trade my Wii for a laptop. I had won one from a Wendy's promotion and won one for her too. I already have a Wii so posted on Craigslist to trade. This laptop looks like its taken a beating but free is free and it works just fine.

So, today I posted the trade for my mom and will be going to this person's place to check out the pc. Its custom, which I hate, but its a lot nicer than what she has now. She'll be giving her old one to my sister.

Just got a call from the promotion company that is handling my Dallas Cowboys ticket win. He says I will have my tickets by Friday for sure. He is waiting on Dallas to see about accommodating my mother who's in a wheelchair. Yay! I didn't ask about the gift card...seemed too tacky. I hope it will be in there with the tickets.

See what I mean about ups and downs in heaven and hell?
No money,
lost money,
trade going my way,
call about my win
and Joanna forgiving me.

I'll have a couple of downs before the night is over but it's all up when my baby kisses me goodnight.

See? Edited to post newest down. Promotion guy just emailed that they tried but couldn't get my mom a handicap seat for the game. Ughhh!!! She's the biggest fan and the reason I entered.

Glass half full, glass half full........nope, looks a little empty to me!


kimberly said...

your a blog founder! Is geocities even still around? :) I used diaryland.... I like to say I blogged before blogging was cool... :)

annulla said...

Sounds like a lot of ups and downs, but hey ... at least you are winning some sweepstakes and getting some little extras. That makes you a real winner! :)

Blather From Brooklyn

Verla said...

Hi there! I hope things turn around for you soon! It did for us, so it surely will for you! You keep winning - those are happy times.

Anonymous said...

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