Saturday, October 13, 2007

My body is talking to me.

I can't believe I slept from 7pm to 11pm and was not disturbed. I guess I really needed it. Only woke up because hubby and Joanna were about to go to bed. Now, I'm up and refreshed. Like the old days.....probably get sleepy right at 4am when I have to take my mom to dialysis.

I emailed the promotion guy about the rest of the Cowboys prize and he said they were ordering the came because the game is this Sunday. Doh! I was embarrassed.

My sister is trying to guilt trip my mom in giving her the ticket. Ha! I posted it on for mom to get a little money. It would not be fair to let sis have it when my nephew also called me up asking if he could go. I wish like heck I could take him but, I would never hear the end of it from sis.

Right now, I'm watching Kimora - Life in the Fabulous Lane. I love the name Aoki - her daughter's....but not crazy about them.

Tomorrow (today but, I'm still in Friday world) is going to be a great day for garage sales. Hubby asked me not to buy anything else. He says we don't fit in our apt anymore. I hate passing up deals!! I bought one of those fold up chairs but its a loveseat for $4.50! I had to get it. But I also understand him. We really don't fit. Ugh....

Ok, body saying to take a bathroom break. :P

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