Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Da pain, da pain........

I recently started having pains in my legs. It started with my right thigh.....a burning sensitive feeling right where my stomach ends and my thigh begins. Only in the front. Feels like a burn and I can't have anything rubbing on the skin because OMG it hurts.

And now, my left leg from the knee down is killing me. Sore.......and only in the front. And when I lay down it feels like all the blood rushes to my feet and they swell up like balloons......but the thing is my feet are not swollen, just feel like it. It hurts horribly!!

I just broke down and got one of my mom's vicodins.

I hope to heck it helps. I am so close to going to the ER and that is big for me. It took cancer to get me to the hospital for a hysterectomy. I hate myself in that respect. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Get it checked out!

Anonymous said...

Its usually us guys who don't go see a the doc, but you should try and find out whats going on for your families sake.

Anonymous said...

get it looked at Daniela,
My mom had something called sciatica... a nerve gets twisted and causes severe pain in the legs....