Monday, October 29, 2007

Holt Family Day 2007

Saturday, we went to hubby's company picnic in San Antonio at Fiesta Texas. We took our mom. And her scooter. That didn't want to work when we arrived. So we paid $40 to rent one. Sigh.

Anyway, it was a gorgeous day. They served bbq brisket, hot dogs, chicken filets, potato salad, bbq beans and the fixings. Soda was aplenty and freezers full of ice cream. The brisket was soooooooo good. One of my favorite foods.

Sammy, hubby's good friend and co-worker, was there with his family. Holt gives away prizes and last year Sammy won $100 gc to Walmart. So he came to see what else he'd win.

Well, he didn't win. BUT HUBBY DID! They called his name for a Blu-ray DVD player. Whoo! I knew they'd call him for something! They gave away some very nice things. Wii, PSP, LCD TVs....nice.

Afterwards, we rambled on into the park. I am getting so oooolllddddd.. I couldn't handle it anymore, I was tired before they close. And we used to always stay til closing!! UGH.

As we were heading for the exit, Sammy called. He had an accident in the parking lot. Man.

We got to him and his axle was broken. Undriveable. He was making a right when this truck hit him on the left side. He said the truck didn't even brake. I guess Sammy thought he'd make it. His wife got a cut under her eye because of her glasses and also got seatbelt burn. The lady in the passenger side got a big knot on her head. Of course, they were both blaming each other. So we took Sammy to a rental and took off after that. What should have been a 5hr trip back home took us more than 7. We were so tired. We'd switch but I could barely last 20min behind the wheel. I drank Red Bull and nada. Aging sucks!

Anyway, here's some pics. :)

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