Monday, October 22, 2007


Tonight as we prepared for bed, hubby and I were teasing around and he said he was going to get a new mommy. Joanna told him no and that we were going to get a new daddy. She sleeps with us now and then in the middle. It really doesn't bother me because I miss her when she's not here in the middle. Her toddler bed is at the end of ours but its not the same.

Anyway...we were giving hugs and kisses goodnight and she said in English, "Mommy, you are my best friend." I could not stop the tears. I said are my best friend too. She gave me a big smile and my heart jumped.

I hope I do keep up with this blog because I want to be able to go back and read these moments for when my memory starts fading. No telling what kind of era it will be and since writing a diary is hard on my hands, I will have to rely on this. Maybe by then they can implant a chip with all our memories backed up on it into our brains. :P

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Anonymous said...

aww thats so sweet