Friday, October 19, 2007


As soon as it hits the bank I hit the online bills and pay. Payday for the bills. Our account goes down 2/3rds by the time I'm done. But, they are paid. :)

I found that money that hubby had given me from the pawn shop. What a relief that was! And today (Mind's still on Thursday) UPS came with my Cowboys win except for the jersey and the $1000 gift card. Note inside said that will come later. The UPS guy asked me where was building 902? I told him and asked if the delivery was for me since I used to live there. Yay! It was! I wonder if I would have gotten it if he hadn't asked me? It was the slow cooker I won from Banquet a few months ago. Whew to that too!

Ok.........time for bed. I need to get up in 4hrs to fix lunch and take Joanna to school. I wish my body would right itself and get into a routine!

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